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Construction of a country
Construction of a country homes.Today in the network, you can find a lot of proposals for the construction of houses. However, many are interested in the construction of dwellings with their own hands. Before starting construction, it is necessary to find a suitable plot. It should be smooth, without hills and pits. Then, around the plot is constructed a temporary fence. Don't build the right a large fence, because the area of the construction will be supplied equipment and building materials.

Next, a draft of the houses and other buildings, located on the territory of. Be sure to consider the possibility of pitfalls. Pay attention to the fact that the project documentation in different regions of the costs in different ways.

If the project is approved and signed, you may proceed to the purchase of materials. Choose only quality building materials. Remember, the better pay more for shipping than the purchase materials, low quality goods. It is best to talk with the neighbors or acquaintances who have experience in construction and procurement of all necessary for the construction.

Think about what kind of equipment needed on the construction site, as well as the quantity of the construction team will need to hire. Here is a small tip: think of the hired builders with moderate severity. For them to be monitored, because in this case, their work can be reduced to the negligent attitude.

The finishing of the walls, you can perform either completely with their own hands, or take the help of professionals
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