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Permissive documentation
Permissive documentation

Licensing documentation - this package of documents (permits), which are issued by the bodies of Executive power on the implementation of engineering, surveying, engineering, architectural, planning, construction and installation works, as well as on land use.

Until recently, the implementation of construction activities were only permitted with a license issued by the authorized body. However, the adoption of the new law «On self-regulating organizations» made a number of changes, and today the compliance of the activities of the construction company standards and safety regulations is determined by the SRO, in which the applicant should join to receive the Certificate of admission to those or other kinds of works:
architectural planning,
capital repairs,
redevelopment and etc.

For entry in the SRO the applicant should provide a statement and a package of documents, which, in General, standard, however, depending on the organization may have its nuances. Moreover, required to pay the fee to the compensation Fund and annually thereafter to pay membership fees.

The implementation of all activities in the sphere of construction without obtaining the necessary documentation is a gross violation of the law envisaging criminal liability with the real prison sentences. Therefore it is not worth risking their freedom, the company's reputation and, most importantly, the lives of people who are at risk in the event of violations of the norms and standards of safety of design, construction-installation and other events.

The procedure entry in the SRO and registration of documentation, the process is complicated, lengthy and costly. However, there are specialized companies providing services in the field of obtaining the necessary expert opinions. Our Company is engaged in the promotion organizations in obtaining permitting documentation in the construction industry for many years, which makes it possible to competently and professionally approach to the issues of preparing and executing the package of documents, reduce the time of issue of the conclusions and guarantee a positive result.
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